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Presentation by Chase Busath 





Thank you for this opportunity to make these above. It was so nice meeting the team and you guys have an incredible company. I hope we can chat more about working together. 


I am passionate about beautiful imagery, but also an advanced digital marketer. I know that we could create amazing content that will drive leads, increase conversions and explode sales. Below are some ideas of other campaigns we could create to grow the business. Please feel free to check out or for more examples of my work. 

  • Types of videos we could create: 

    • Brand video: A 2 minute mini documentary style video where leaders of the company speak on who you are and what you do with beautiful b-roll

    • A video for every page of the site: How it works, Our story, Non-profit video, etc. 

    • Customer testimonial videos

    • Social ads: I've already funnel hacked your competitors FB/ IG ads and have some great ideas on how to make ours better

  • Funnel strategies: 

    • Daily deal funnel where we bundle products

    • Storefront Funnel, that leads to 2-step tripwire funnels

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