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"1,000 times more fun than a traditional photo booth"

-Everyone Ever

​Why Slow Mo Photo Booth: 

A Slow-Mo Photo Booth is similar to a traditional photo booth that you would see at events and weddings.. BUT A THOUSAND TIMES MORE FUN!!! The open air booth style allows guests to pile up to 15 people at once. Our fancy camera films a 7 second clip and plays it back instantly in super slow motion. Your guests, (both in and out of the booth) will be on the floor laughing as they watch their hilarious clips on our big monitors.


Your guests will then be given a printed photo strip of the best moments in the video with a custom watermark, as well as the option to email their video and photos to themselves. We also offer the option of getting a professionally edited compilation video that will keep the laughs going well after the event ends.


Never worry about boring events again! We have been serving the Rocky Mountain Area and The Wasatch Front for over 10 years. Give us a call today or shoot us an email to schedule your Slow Mo Photo Booth!

Corporate Events: 


We cringe at the thought of a boring event! Any event with a Slow Mo Photo Booth instantly turns into an experience that your guests will always remember, AND SHARE! 


Social Engagement 

Your guests will love sharing their hilarious, branded slow mo video clips and photos on their social media. Our social media kiosk makes it easy and also  gathers all the emails from your guests.  


The printed photos and the compilation video that we will create will be great gifts and create wonderful exposure for your event.



 Weddings & Parties:

Simply More Fun

Our mission is to eradicate boring weddings! Your family and friends will love watching and participating in this fantastic activity. They will also love the video clips and photos to share on their social media, along with the printed photo strip to cherish forever. 

Shout Out Option

Our shout out option is great for this special day. We give your guests a microphone and they have the opportunity to give any message or "shout out" to the bride and groom. This makes for a great compilation video for all to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Where are we located? And do we Travel?
    We are based out of Salt Lake City and travel all over Utah. We welcome travel to all States with an additional travel fee.
  • What kind of party is our Booth good for?
    Our Slow Mo Video Booth team is one of the most experienced teams of slow motion operators in the United States. We have done events ranging from small private parties and weddings to big events such as Sundance Film Festival. No matter the size or complexity of the event – we are the team for the job! We are Known to be a "party booth". We love to have music and have a good time. No matter the size or complexity of the event – we are the team for the job!
  • How much does our Slow Mo Booth Cost?
    Email us for the our package price lists.
  • What does our Slow Mo Booth Require?
    We need a space of at least 10x10 sq feet. We need to be near power (one plug is sufficient). We need to be alloted 2 hours of set up time and 1 hour for take down time.
  • How do we get started?
    Once you are ready to commit, we will send an electronic contract to be filled out with all of the events details. After a deposit paid, we will save your date.
  • How do we save our date? How do we pay?
    Once you have filled out our electronic contract, we will send an invoice that can be paid by Credit Card or Check. You can choose whether you want to pay for the full amount all at once or if you would rather split the payment in two. Once you paid your first half we will send you your second payment one week before the event. Whether you pay all at once or the first payment your date will be reserved.
  • Is your Booth good for marketing?
    Yes! Our booth is great for marketing because it allows for instant social media sharing. Our booth generates digital and physical photos with any logo of choice. As well as a slow mo video clip to share on any social media platform.
  • Custom Backdrops?
    Our standard white 8x10ft backdrop comes standard with any booth purchase. We also custom make any backdrop with any logo of your choosing. Starting prices begin at $600.
  • Are there any online galleries included?
    We provide you with an online gallery to all videos soon after the event.
  • What kind of Gear do we use and is it good for social media sharing?
    Our booths feature cameras that are filming at 240 frames per second (10Xs slow motion) in true HD. Our booths allow instant sharing of all pictures for your guests social media and videos shortly after the event. Your Photos and slow motion videos will be sent directly to your email and phone to post.
  • What makes us different?
    Unlike the traditional photo booth, the slow motion video booth is Unique! You can utilize our fun props and get creative with family and friends. Packing up to 15 people into a single shot is interactive, memorable and unlike any experience of any other standard photo booth out there!
  • What kind of service to expect?
    All of our booths come with professional attendees to run the event. They will be there to instruct and coach your guests if necessary. From little nieces and nephews to Grandmas and Grandpas, we will make it comfortable and fun for all ages. Our experienced employees make it easy for us to help your guests create the ultimate customized video.
  • Slow Mo Video Clips
    We now offer instant social media sharing of all slow mo video clips (with a branded watermark/ custom overlay and song if desired), photos, and gifs. These can be texted, emailed, etc. straight to the attendees devices.
  • What is our shout out option?
    This is a great a la carte option for weddings. We hook up a mic to our camera and let guests have the opportunity to give any message or "shout out" to the bride and groom. This makes for a great compilation video for all to remember.
Behind The Scenes:


Over the phone or online

Request a free quote, and a free joke:


(385) 999-1630

701 East, South Temple 

SLC, Ut 84102

Based in Salt Lake City Utah, but happy to travel!
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