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 {Recaps, Promos, and Beyond} 

Event videos communicate impressions of the event, transport emotions and whet the appetite for the following year. We will create a beautiful video that tells the story of your event. 

 Retreat Recap Videos:

We are so grateful to get to do what we do. To travel the world and experience these magical places with wonderful people. We will give each and every retreat recap video that we make our full heart and effort.


Capturing the beauty and creating a piece that will have the folks at home itching to work harder and get there next year. These recap videos are not only wonderful gifts to give attendees, but can be amazing tools to promote future events and drive business. 

Conference Recap Videos: 

We can't wait to be a part of such an important event in your business. With our many years of experience, we know what it takes to pull off the perfect event media services. We will put our all into creating a beautiful video that reflects the hard work your company put into the event. We have all the tricks and tips to make a wonderful recap video and any other media service you may need during your conference. 



 Humanitarian Recap Videos:

It's no secret that humanitarian work is our favorite. We are completely obsessed with the experiences we've been able to have creating these videos. We want the viewer of these videos in tears. We want them to truly feel the impact that your company is making. 

Event Promo Videos: 

We love getting people to cry through the emotion of our videos, but we can't get enough of a good belly laugh that comes from making a hilarious event promo video. With our team of copywriters and digital strategist, we know what it takes to get people excited for an event. These completely custom pieces are a blast to make, and so fun for the viewers to watch. 



Free A La Carte Add Ons:

We want to make sure you receive as much value as possible and capture all the beneficial content for your company during the event. We can create more than just a recap video & photo album, and most of the time at no additional cost. Here are a few ideas, among others, of things we can create: 



1. We can pick a few of the top photos from the day and send them to the communications manager every day for posting on social media, newsletters, etc.

2. Provide attendees a QR code to online gallery where the photos will get uploaded soon after the event

3. Provide attendees their photos instantly for social sharing, etc. 

4. We can create video clips of attendees or corporate staff to deliver a message. We like to categorize these into two types: 

a. Lower produced videos: These are "off the cuff" style video interviews. They are unplanned, low stress, quick interviews of different attendees who'd like to make one. With topics like daily event recaps, business building tips, general advice, personal development tips, promos for future events, new product promos, etc. We'll typically still decide with you a list of attendees to ask before hand, but other than that, little pre-planning is necessary for this route. 

b. Higher produced videos: This style is outlined on our "Video Booth" page. It takes some pre-planning like connecting with the certain attendees we would like to make videos with before the event, detailing out their topics, scripting, etc. We would bring a video studio with lights and equipment to make more of a high quality video for evergreen use.  

5. We're also happy to talk more about any of our other services that you can find on our site under the “Event Media Services” tab.