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Main Video

Thanks for the opportunity to make this fun video, I hope you like it. We were able to shoot enough for a bunch of different pieces of content, that can be used in a variety of ways, with this just being one of them. I'll finish the other videos asap and send them over as well. 

With this video I made a more evergreen piece that can hopefully be used more year round, and not just for Christmas. ​This also could be one of a few different interviews in a larger branding film for the site. 

We went with an interview style video because user generated content is so effective right now and viewers love hearing authentic stories from customers. 

Everlights photo V1-2.jpg

Example Photo 

I'm excited to try different ways to get some great photos!

When possible I like to shoot in a high resolution to make vertical and horizontal videos to use on different platforms. 

Social Version

Main Video_V1.00_00_38_13.Still002.jpg

My mind is racing with ideas of how to drive leads, optimize conversions and get more sales! I know we can create beautiful work together that hits the metrics that matter. I hope we can chat more about working together.


Below are few ideas, and please feel free to check out my site for more examples of my work. 

  • Types of videos we could create: 

    • Brand video: A 2 minute mini documentary style video where leaders of the company speak on who you are and what you do

    • Customer testimonial videos

    • A new library of online Ads

    • "Helpful is the new viral" videos: educational social content about all kinds of tips and tricks for homeowners that would drive traffic to the site

    • A video for every page of the site: FAQ videos, A sales process video 

  • Funnel strategies: 

    • Hero funnel: A funnel focused on the brand film to get to know and trust the leadership 

    • Webinar funnel: Make an ad driving people to a webinar, where they can learn more about the case, etc.


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