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Testimonial videos are an incredible way to deliver a message and help grow your business. We bring the professional studio to you and create amazing, authentic messages that your viewers crave. Contact us today to learn more about having your own video testimonial booth at your next event!


Meredora Foundation: 

During their annual retreat, we were able to sit down with 10 amazing woman from the Meredora Foundation and capture their stories. Creating a full year of content that not only looks beautiful, but tells their powerful stories in an authentic, emotional way. 


We love to leverage events to create as much quality content as possible that will help businesses grow. At ASEA's regional conventions we were able to setup onsite professional video studios and capture amazing testimonial videos. These stories were used to retain distributors, create social proof, and drive sales, and looked seamless throughout all events. The world craves authenticity and these videos do just that. 

Utah Innovation Awards: 

We had a blast interviewing leaders from all across the state for the Utah Innovation Awards. We were able to create individual videos of each leader as well as this topical compilation video, giving advice to upcoming entrepreneurs.

Why Busath Films?: 

We are passionate about beautiful imagery, incredible stories, and the strategy to really help business's grow. The interview process alone is an art form, and we have over 12+ years perfecting it to get the right emotions and messages across. We capture b-roll imagery to make each piece it's own short film, using the best equipment and offering an array of backdrops and lighting styles. 

Often times events are a place where top leadership, happy customers, or influential people are gathered. These are great chances to batch incredible content that you can leverage for years after their creation. Please feel free to reach out and we would love to chat more about how we can help. 

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