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Necrotizing enterocolitis
A presentation by Chase Busath

I would love to A/B test different CTA's. Especially one like a "Click to learn more" that takes the prospect to a landing page with a beautifully shot "talking head" video we could create. It would explain more about the case and next steps. I could see this helping get more qualified leads and be less of a commitment to the viewer. 

Video Ad:

Here are a couple options with different coloring. I would love to try different copy, CTA's, etc. for these and see which one converts best. 

Static Image:

Necrotizing enterocolitis.jpg
Necrotizing enterocolitis (1).jpg

My mind is racing with ideas of how to drive leads, optimize conversions and get more sales! I know we can create beautiful work together that hits the metrics that matter. I hope we can chat more about working together.


Below are few ideas, and please feel free to check out my site for more examples of my work. 

  • Types of videos we could create: 

    • Brand video: A 2 minute mini documentary style video where leaders of the company speak on who you are and what you do

    • A video for every page of the site: About the firm, Covid business interruption, videos on your other practice areas ​

    • Customer testimonial videos

    • Landing page videos: drive ads to a longer form explanation of the case to warm up leads 

    • "Helpful is the new viral" videos: educational content driving traffic to the site 

  • Funnel strategies: 

    • Hero funnel: A funnel focused on the brand film to get to know and trust the leadership 

    • Webinar funnel: Make an ad driving people to a webinar, where they can learn more about the case, etc.


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